Hello everyone! I'm Emily, SO of this website's builder and crafting force behind the masks. This originally started when my MIL (who is an APRN) asked for people to help with PPE as the place she works was not giving her and her coworkers enough gear. The more research my SO and I did to try see what materials would be the most protective, the more information we found and wanted to share with people.

The creation of this site was to have easily digestible information from credible sources to provide an explanation for the decisions I made while making these masks. These are uncertain times and my goal is to make provide comfort and security with a reasonably protective barrier and as much information as we can give you all. Stay safe, wash your hands and drink plenty of water.

Emily and Jer one year anniversary
Voltaire Concert

Jeremiah Here. SO of the face mask's crafter and web developer in training. This concept started as the patient Emily helped me digest my frustration with snake-oil salespersons trying to scare tactic people into selling dust-filter cloth masks or single-use asbestos face masks and imply that people were safe. The culmination of that frustration was that I could apply my meager web development skills while also doing some good and make the process sustainable.

I have plenty of thoughts for the future of this site, for news, research topics, and possible to assist with frustrations of quarantining and the loneliness that will only continue as the situation progresses. Most importantly though, thank you for participating and protecting both yourselves and people around you.

Sabetha and Toby

Sabetha pawing her way onto the scene. Originally the impetus for pugmercs, being paw-print themed web design and a programming project for education and experience. While we have deviated from our original mission, Sabetha has received the quarantine reward of humans around much more often than normal!

Sabetha, the real ruler of our household, is always eager for food handouts and 2am walks, but also sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we can try to get there together.

Sabetha seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kindness rock Emily and I carried a few hundred miles. We can all carry kindness.