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When Pugmercs make our Face masks, we listen to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the central authority on safety and procedure amid the Covid-19 pandemic

On March 17, the CDC declared the supply of face masks within the CDC's "Crisis Capacity" and has approved homemade masks for Health Care Professional (HCP) use.

The goal of Pugmercs is to provide the best possible quality homemade masks using CDC guidelines, the best commercially available products, combined with research and enthusiasm for providing the greatest amount of comfort and safety possible in a time of crisis.

Quote from the CDC's crisis alternate strategies page concerning HCP use of non-NIOSH approved masks or homemade masks

In settings where N95 respirators are so limited that routinely practiced standards of care for wearing N95 respirators and equivalent or higher level of protection respirators are no longer possible, and surgical masks are not available, as a last resort, it may be necessary for HCP to use masks that have never been evaluated or approved by NIOSH or homemade masks. It may be considered to use these masks for care of patients with COVID-19, tuberculosis, measles, and varicella. However, caution should be exercised when considering this option.

During the 2006 Avian flu crisis, the CDC released their Simple Respiratory Mask guide. As an attempt to make a safer and more accessable option, Pugmercs has halted their normal operations to focus on crisis assistance.

We follow the CDC's guidelines for homemade masks, including elastic ear wraps, low pressure drops to ensure airflow through the filter, and the ability to remove or discard and replace filters for sanitizing or disposal.